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The purpose of this Knowledge Portal is to provide a vehicle to allow members of the Chemical Safety & Lifecycle Management community to keep abreast of the latest Chemical Safety & Lifecycle Management related news, issues, and events across the DOE complex; for the sharing of innovative ideas and practices; and to collaborate virtually on the development and implementation of new Occupational Safety & Health practices and processes. 

WSH Subgroup Org Chart - Rev 24, Effective 05/14/14

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DOE Training Materials Addressing OSHA’s Globally Harmonized Online Training - 03/04/13


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Mark Brynildson, Chair
Program Leader
Sandia National Laboratories/CA
7011 East Ave. MS 9902
Livermore, CA 94550
Phone: 925-294-3150

Wai-Lin Litzke, Secretary
Safety &Health Field Services
Brookhaven National Laboratory
Building 120
Upton, NY 11973
Phone: 631-344-7153 631-457-3824 (cell)
Email: wlitzke@bnl.gov 
Jeff Hieb, Vice Chair
Chemical Management
ATL Hanford
1979 Snyder Street, Suite 130
Richland, WA 99354
Phone: 509-373-9881
E-mail: Jeffery_M_Hieb@rl.gov