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Director Centerra Group LLCCOO DOE Operations Work 7121 Fairways Drive, Suite 301 Palm Beach Gardens FL 33418 United States Work Phone: (561) 472-3660 Cell Phone: (865) 254-1226

Steve Hafner is the Chief Operating Officer for G4S Government Services (G4S GS) Department of Energy (DOE) Operations including special nuclear material protective service contracts at Savannah River Site in South Carolina, the Nevada National Security Site in Nevada, and Hanford Site in Washington State. His other responsibilities include protective service contracts at Sandia National Laboratory-California, the Strategic Petroleum Reserve in Louisiana and Texas, URENCO-USA’s enrichment plan in New Mexico, and a Logistics and Training services contract in support of the Office of Secure Transportation (OST) in New Mexico, Texas, Arkansas, and Tennessee.

Steve began his professional career as an Air Force Intercontinental Ballistic Missile Launch Officer at F.E. Warren Air Force Base (AFB) in Cheyenne, Wyoming. Subsequent AF assignments included a tour of duty on the Strategic Air Command (SAC) Airborne Command Post, numerous staff assignments at SAC Headquarters in Omaha and at the Pentagon, command assignments at Grand Forks AFB, North Dakota, and again at F.E. Warren AFB, Wyoming. He is a graduate of Squadron Officers School, the Armed Forces Staff College, and the Air War College.

A career Air Force Logistician, Colonel Hafner led ICBM missile maintenance organizations at Branch, Squadron and Group levels. As the Logistics Group Commander for the 90th Space Wing at F.E. Warren AFB, Colonel Hafner provided supply, contracting, transportation, missile maintenance, and nuclear weapon maintenance support for an Air Force Space Command wing of 50 Peacekeeper and 150 Minuteman III ICBMs and 4,500 airmen.

Colonel Hafner’s final military assignment was commander of what is now Field Command, Defense Threat Reduction Agency, in Albuquerque New Mexico. During his command, Field Command had several missions including operation of two major conventional weapons test sites in New Mexico and Nevada, tracking the location of all US nuclear weapons world-wide, evaluating the maintenance proficiency of all nuclear weapon equipped US units, and operating Johnson Atoll in the Pacific Ocean.

After retiring from the AF, he worked for a short time at Sandia National Laboratory before becoming the Director of what is now DOE’s Office of Secure Transportation. The primary OST mission is to safely and securely deliver cargoes of nuclear weapons and nuclear weapon components utilizing over-the-road tractor trailer convoys throughout the United States.

After joining what is now G4S GS, Steve became the Director of Emergency Services and Training at DOE’s Hanford Site in south central Washington State, where he led the Safeguards and Security, Fire and Emergency Response, and Emergency Management missions as well as a very large training function called HAMMER in support of the 600 square mile site and its 10,000 employees.

Before becoming the COO of G4S GS DOE Operations, Steve was the Acting General Manager of G4S GS Protective Force operations at the Y-12 National Security Site, the Oak Ridge National Laboratory, the East Tennessee Technology Park and the Oak Ridge Town Site in East Tennessee.

His formal education includes a BS from the University of Missouri at Columbia and an MBA from the University of Wyoming. He is also a certified Project Management Professional.

Colonel Hafner (Retired) is married to the former Cydney Lee Lightfoot of Jefferson City, Missouri. They have two children, Eric and Lesley, both married and living in Phoenix, and four grandchildren – Joey, Rylee, Sammie, and Jacquie.

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