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John R. Longenecker is Managing Director and Working Group Coordinator of the DOE’s Energy Facility Contractors Group (EFCOG), and has 30 years experience in the energy industry in the areas of independent assessment, strategic planning, regulatory compliance, nuclear safety, and quality assurance in various programs including waste management, nuclear reactor development, and advanced technology development and deployment.

Mr. Longenecker’s experience with DOE programs also includes serving on review and advisory panels at Los Alamos National Laboratory, Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory, the Yucca Mountain Project, Fluor Hanford, the Hanford Tank Farms and the Office of River Protection, and performing management assessments for many DOE projects, and programs including the Yucca Mountain High Level Waste Project, the Idaho Spent Fuel Project, the Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory and the Tank Waste Remediation System Project (TWRS) at DOE’s Hanford site. In 2000, Mr. Longenecker and several Longenecker & Associates staff served as members of a DOE review of the TWRS project that was mandated by Congress.

President Bush appointed Mr. Longenecker in December 1992 to serve as Transition Manager for the United States Enrichment Corporation, a government owned, for-profit corporation that provides uranium enrichment services to electric utilities throughout the world.

In the area of commercial nuclear power, Mr. Longenecker served from 2001-2004 as a member of the Board of Directors of the Nuclear Energy Institute. In addition, from 1997-1999 Mr. Longenecker assisted Ontario Hydro Nuclear in developing and implementing a more effective regulatory compliance strategy for their 20 nuclear power plants. In 1997, Mr. Longenecker chaired OHN’s Regulatory Impact Task Force, reporting to the Vice President of Regulatory Affairs. Mr. Longenecker worked with OHN’s line managers and with the Atomic Energy Control Board (AECB) to develop a regulatory strategy that would be effective and yet affordable.

In 1998, Mr. Longenecker also played a key role in OHN’s efforts to design and implement a regulatory commitment management system, and to develop a plan for reconstituting the licensing basis for its plants.

Prior to the formation of Longenecker & Associates in May 1989, Mr. Longenecker was Chairman of General Atomics International Services Corporation (ISC) in La Jolla, California. ISC provided operational and quality support services to electric utilities and other private sector customers throughout the world. Mr. Longenecker joined General Atomics as Director of Special Projects in August 1987.

From 1983 to 1987 Mr. Longenecker served in the Reagan administration as the Deputy Assistant Secretary for Uranium Enrichment in the U.S. Department of Energy. In this capacity, Mr. Longenecker directed efforts to streamline and reshape the multi-billion dollar uranium enrichment business, including the institution of a strong quality improvement program. Key results included increasing U.S. market share, dramatically reducing production costs while improving quality of operations, focusing R & D activities, resolving the multi-billion dollar contractual impasse with the Tennessee Valley Authority, and initiating legislation to transition the uranium enrichment function into a government corporation.

Prior to managing the U.S. uranium enrichment enterprise, Mr. Longenecker held other management positions in DOE and its predecessor agencies, including serving from 1981 to 1983 as the Program Manager for the CRBRP Project. In this position, Mr. Longenecker was the primary interface with the NRC during the project licensing process.

Mr. Longenecker has appeared before the Congress of the United States on numerous occasions, and has presented papers in various national and international forums including the Uranium Institute in London, the Japanese Atomic Industrial Forum, the United States Atomic Industrial Forum, the U.S. Council for Energy Awareness, the Canadian Nuclear Society, and the European Nuclear Society. Mr. Longenecker is a member of the Nuclear Energy Institute, and has served as chairman of the USCEA Uranium Enrichment Task Force. Mr. Longenecker is a member of Tau Beta Pi Honorary Engineering Society, the American Nuclear Society (ANS), and the University Club. Mr. Longenecker serves as a member as a member of the Public Policy Committee of ANS.

Mr. Longenecker received both his Bachelor of Science and Master of Science degrees, with academic honors, from the Pennsylvania State University. He has been recognized as an Outstanding Engineering Alumnus by Penn State and has served as a member of the Penn State Industrial Professional Advisory Council. Mr. Longenecker was born in Port Royal, Pennsylvania, the son of John and Josephine Longenecker, graduated with academic honors from Tuscarora Valley High School, was an Eagle Scout in Troop 46, and a Vigil rank member of the Order of the Arrow, Monaken Lodge 103.

Mr. Longenecker resides with his wife in Del Mar, California.

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