EFCOG COVID-19 lessons learned discussions

Thank you for your interest in the monthly EFCOG lessons learned discussions. All discussions will be held via WebEx.

Please email staff@efcog.org to be invited to these discussions.

Save-the-date – October 28th (9am-noon ET)

  • This discussion will feature speakers from the U.K., Canada and the U.S. The objective is to share lessons learned between the international programs to look at procedures and approaches in managing through the pandemic. Topics to be covered: operational procedures, remote workforce, return to work procedures, pay and leave policies and command and control in the overall complex.    
  • More details to be added to this site
  • Slides will be posted to this site after the discussion if the speakers approve their release
  • Want to be invited? Email staff@efcog.org

September 30th

August 20th