EFCOG COVID-19 lessons learned discussions

Thank you for your interest in the monthly EFCOG lessons learned discussions. All discussions will be held via WebEx.

Please email staff@efcog.org to be invited to these discussions.

October 28th

September 30th

August 20th

COVID-19 Letters regarding Workforce

4/20 OMB Memo – Aligning Federal Agency Operations with the National Guidelines for Opening Up America Again

4/17 OMB Memo – Preserving the Resilience of the Federal Contracting Base in the Fight Against the Coronavirus Disease 2019 (COVID-19)

Department of Defense’s Ellen Lord names contractors as part of nation’s critical infrastructure – news article: https://washingtontechnology.com/articles/2020/03/20/defense-work-memo.aspx?m=1

Letter to federal lawmakers from ten trade associations seeking guidance on how to ensure the health and economic security of the thousands of federal government contractors that work alongside federal employees each day.

NDIA asks Congress to protect contractors so our national security is protected during COVID-19

Memo on Managing Federal Contract Performance Issues Associated with COVID-19 from the Office of Management and Budget