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EFCOG Director Contact: Michelle Reichert

Michelle Reichert is a team builder and leader with over 32 years of experience supporting high consequence United States Department of Energy operations. Outstanding outcomes from creating positive, compliant and accountable teams in nuclear environments calling for the highest levels of safety, security and quality. A talent for quickly analyzing problems – technical and organizational – and finding innovative solutions. Extensive knowledge of the nuclear security enterprise as a result of various leadership roles in a management and operating contract environment. Responsibilities have included multi-site leadership in operations, nuclear weapons production site management, deputy project management, and senior leadership of environment, safety and health, safeguards and security, emergency management, and waste management.

Ms. Reichert is the President and Chief Executive Officer of Consolidated Nuclear Security which is responsible for the management and operation of the Pantex Plant, located in Amarillo, Texas and the Y-12 National Security Complex, located in Oak Ridge, Tennessee, under a single contract. Responsible for safe, secure, zero defect delivery of national security missions.
Consolidated Nuclear Security llc, Amarillo TX.