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Contact: Mark Martinez Website: https://efcog.org/member-company-list/

As the MSTS President, Mark Martinez provides leadership and management direction for the effective and efficient execution of all operations at the Nevada National Security Site and leads development of a visionary and executable strategic plan.

Martinez has 30 years of experience managing complex and multidisciplinary nuclear, technical, business, operational and site services. He spent the past 23 years at Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory (LLNL), most recently leading as Vice President and Principal Associate Director for Operations and Business, working to implement key strategic initiatives and operations and infrastructure improvements.

While at LLNL, Martinez gained both programmatic and operational expertise through diverse assignments and developed key relationships with employees and external stakeholders. He was a senior Test Director, responsible for executing LLNL experimental activities at the Nevada National Security Site, which encompassed comprehensive oversight of complex technical; construction; environment, safety and health; quality assurance; security; external communications; and other management functions for large-scale projects.  He also served as the Program Leader for the Nuclear Materials Technology Program, the Nevada Experiments and Operations Acting Program Leader, and the Deputy Principal Associate Director in the Weapons & Complex Integration.

Martinez has a strong background leading transformations. At LLNL’s Weapons and Complex Integration, he strengthened the rigor and changed the culture to a high-performing team. In addition, the National Nuclear Security Administration requested Martinez’s leadership in leading improvements in multi-nation nuclear defense experiments in Nevada.