Nuclear & Facility Safety Subgroup


Jeffrey A. Buczek

Chair Orano Federal ServicesNuclear Safety & Engineering Programs Manager

Tinh Tran

Vice Chair AmentumProject Director, N&E Technical Services

Alyssa Kersting

Secretary Amentum

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DOE Points of Contact

Brian DiNunno

DOE Field Sponsor US Department of Energy

Robert C. Nelson

DOE Field Sponsor Office of River Protection

Garrett Smith

DOE Field Sponsor US Department of Energy

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NFS Task Group Call Schedule

1st week:

  • Criticality– 1st Wednesday, 09:00 PT, 866-528-1882; ID: 7547027#; Andy Prichard
  • Hazard Analysis– 1st Wednesday, 11:00 PT, Roberta Jordan and Ron Beaulieu

2nd Week:

  • Reactor Safety– 2nd Tuesday, 09:00 PT, 505-844-5300; ID: 409345128#; Keith Voss –as needed
  • Safety Basis– 2nd Wednesday, 08:00 PT, 415-655-0001, ID: 277 044 74#; Charles Carathers

3rd Week:

  • USQ– 3rd Tuesday, 08:00 PT, 415-527-5035, ID: 433 910 01#; Ron Selvage

4th Week:

  • Steering Committee – 4thTuesday, 08:00 PT, 415-655-0001, ID 1321446731#; Alyssa Kersting
  • Early Career– 4th Thursday, Noon PT; Jacob Platfoot, Katie Murphy, Kurt Lahmers

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