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Supply Chain Quality Charter

The Supply Chain QA Task Group (SCQTG) serves Energy Facility Contractors Group (EFCOG) and its members by identifying, analyzing, assessing, and recommending methods that support effective implementation of Supply Chain Quality (SCQ) requirements and resolve SCQ program performance issues.

In particular, the SCQTG focuses on improving assessments of suppliers across DOE-Environmental Management (EM), DOE-National Nuclear Security Administration (NNSA), DOE-Office of Science (OOS), and DOE-Nuclear Energy (NE) sites. Accordingly, the group engages in regularly planned meetings to report on open SCQ tasks, performance, categorize issues, fostering consistency of supplier evaluations across DOE sites, enabling cost avoidances by sharing supplier evaluations, and prepare initiatives responsive to this Charter. The SCQTG measures may include interpreting complex-wide requirements, deriving techniques and tools, disseminating lessons learned, and establishing best practices.


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