Worker Safety & Health Subgroup


The purpose of the Worker Safety & Health Subgroup (WS&H SG) is to promote safe work practices and a healthy workforce while supporting effective and efficient operations within the Department of Energy (DOE) and related EFCOG member organizations.  The WS&H SG accomplishes its purpose by gathering, evaluating, developing and sharing performance measures, best management practices, and lessons learned consistent with the principles and functions of Integrated Safety Management.


The WS&H SG partners with related EFCOG Subgroups to:

  • Promote, coordinate, and facilitate the active exchange of information, practices, procedures, lessons learned, and tools that enable effective and efficient worker safety and health programs at member sites and across the DOE enterprise through  Technical Task Groups (TTG)
  • Evaluate and/or recommend continuous improvements to member companies and identify and assess impacts of new and emerging requirements
  • Develop guidance, share lessons learned and disseminate best practices, tools and techniques to enhance the effectiveness of WS&H programs
  • Foster technical development, mentoring, and leadership opportunities among participating members

These objectives are accomplished through informal exchanges, collaborative tasks and projects, scheduled conference calls, workshops, presentations, Webinars, benchmarking, and authoring of peer-reviewed publications and collaborations.  Members may be asked to author, review, and otherwise contribute their expertise to the development of DOE technical standards and related guidance.

EFCOG Worker Safety & Health Subgroup Charter


Mary Flora

Chair Savannah River Nuclear Solutions

Steve Harris

Vice Chair Program Leader, Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory

Mark E Brynildson

Secretary Program Lead, Sandia National Laboratories

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DOE Point of Contact

James Dillard

DOE Field Sponsor US Department of EnergyDirector, Office of Worker Safety and Health Policy (AU-11)

Upcoming Events

Worker Safety & Health Subgroup Meeting will take place at on 10/25/2021 - 10/28/2021

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