operations working group


Co Chair – Kim lebak

Co Chair – joel duling

Secretary – ellen howe

DOE Liaison – garrett smith

Board Sponsor – mike schlender

operations working group mission and scope

The Operations Working Group (OWG) focuses EFCOG resources on the diverse set of challenges that operating projects face across the DOE/NNSA enterprise. In addition to two Subgroups previously housed under the Safety Working Group (Nuclear & Facility Safety and Engineering Practices), the OWG has established two new Subgroups (Disciplined Operations and Operational Human Capital) and two Working Group-level Task Teams (Fit for Purpose Working Planning & Control and Graded Approach). These initial, but not all-encompassing, OWG organizations are focused on the highest priority operational challenges identified by senior federal, laboratory, and contractor operations managers.

Operations working group organization


nuclear & Facility safety

Task Teams:


Accident Analysis Hazard Analysis
Safety Basis Nuclear Safety R&D
Unreviewed Safety Question Task Team Early Career
Criticality Safety
engineering practices

Task Teams:

Fire Protection

Legacy Safety Systems

Cognizant System Engineers Development

Disciplined operations

Task Teams:

Disciplined Ops in R&D

Safe Conduct of Work


ES&H Disciplines

operational human capital

Task Teams:

Cross-Organizational Coordination

Knowledge/Culture Transfer

Survey/Share Best Practices

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