sustainability & Environment working group


Co-Chair – catherine hurley

Co-Chair – suzanne Dimont

Secretary – casiano armenta

DOE Liaison – josh silverman

Board Sponsor – Sharon Marra

sustainability & Environment working group mission and scope

The Sustainability & Environment Working Group (SEWG) is chartered to support member companies in collaborating to identify common issues and opportunities to work toward more effective and efficient environmental programs, develop and implement clean energy and energy efficient technologies, and leverage its mission to meet or exceed sustainability and environmental goal.  Key objectives of the SEWG are to:

  • Provide assistance among EFCOG member companies and collaborate with other EFCOG groups to improve sustainability and environmental performance across the DOE contractor community;
  • Share lessons learned and develop best practices to improve the effectiveness of environmental management and sustainability programs;
  • Review new or changes to DOE contractor requirements for sustainability and environmental aspects and help support implement of the requirements by EFCOG member companies.
  • Operate within the EFCOG Charter and the Guidelines for Working Groups and Subgroups in EFCOG

The SEWG promotes integration and facilitation by collaborating across the contractor community and collaborating with DOE/NNSA. The SEWG will collaborate in the technical areas of environmental management and sustainability, in order to:


  • Advocate for strong and effective implementation of the ISO14001 EMS standard across the DOE complex;
  • Develop and promote best management and operating practices;
  • Facilitate information exchange on operating experiences, sustainability and environmental programs and processes;
  • Design studies and develop position and technical papers to inform DOE/NNSA regulations and directives development processes of potential operational impacts where appropriate;
  • Provide DOE/NNSA and member companies with access to a network of subject matter experts;
  • Support and promote member companies in developing and implementing cost efficient and operationally effective strategies of implementing sustainable and environmental sound processes and programs;
  • Arrange for training and awareness workshops to enhance the competency of sustainability and environmental professionals.

Bi-Monthly Webinar

The Sustainability & Environment Working Group holds a bi-monthly webinar on the 3rd Thursday of every month. 

Upcoming webinar dates:

3/15, 4/18, 6/20, 8/15, 10/17, 12/19

Contact Suzy or Catherine for Webinar info: or

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