Membership Information

There are many benefits available when a company becomes a member of EFCOG:

  • Senior Executive Policy Interaction:  Each member company may assign one individual to EFCOG’s Executive Council.  The Executive Council engages in a range of policy issues that are critical to DOE mission success.

  • DOE Interaction:  The Department of Energy is aware of and supports the efforts of EFCOG and has stated that costs associated with workshops and meetings where technical information is exchanged are reimbursable. EFCOG working groups have DOE sponsors who guide their activities.  EFCOG also regularly interacts with senior DOE managers on critical policy issues.

  • Information Exchange: Each member company may assign one or more individuals from their organization to participate on EFCOG working groups. Individuals who participate in working groups and workshops provide and receive valuable information about techniques, methods, programs and processes that did or did not work.  They also receive printed technical information resulting from meetings.  The EFCOG support administrator maintains an active archive of documents resulting from EFCOG and DOE sponsored workshops and meetings.

  • Non-EFCOG Workshops: Every effort is made to allow EFCOG members to attend and participate in non-EFCOG sponsored workshops at a discounted rate. 


The EFCOG Member is responsible to:

  • Pay their pro rata share of EFCOG support costs annually.
  • Select one (1) executive level representative to serve on the EFCOG Executive Council.
  • Provide support to its employees who participate in working group activities as necessary.  Support may consist of supplying personnel, materials, or other resources. Support may also include hosting workshops and other working group activities.
  • Attend the EFCOG Executive Council Annual meeting.
  • Receive and disseminate EFCOG information to employees.
  • Identify personnel in their company who have an interest in specific working group topics.
  • Be eligible to serve as an EFCOG Board of Director (Full Members Only).


Membership in the Energy Facility Contractors Group (EFCOG) organization is available on three levels:  full membership, associate membership and small business associate.

Full membership is open to all DOE prime management contractors or their integrated subcontractors. Full members are eligible for all benefits as described under theBENEFITS section.

Associate membership is open to any organization that supports a DOE prime contractor as a subcontractor, vendor or consultant, providing they meet the following criteria:

  • The company can provide an employee who will make a beneficial technical contribution to a specific working group; and
  • The company has full approval for membership from its sponsoring DOE prime contractor organization.

Associate members are eligible for all benefits as described under the BENEFITS section, but are not eligible to serve on the Board of Directors.

Small business associate is open to any organization that meets the DOE standard requirements for small business designation. Small business associate members are eligible for all benefits as described under the BENEFITS section, but are not eligible to serve on the Board of Directors.  All small business companies must provide documentation of their small business status as part of their application to qualify for this level of membership.

First-tier subcontractors may participate in any EFCOG function endorsed by a prime contractor regardless of their individual EFCOG membership.

All EFCOG members share the responsibility for administrative costs through the payment of annual pro rata fees as established by the EFCOG Board of Directors. 

The membership cost is:              
Full Membership ($6000)

Associate Membership ($3000)

Small Business Associate ($1000)

All membership costs are pro-rated on a quarterly basis.


Each full, associate and small business associate member’s pro rata share of administrative costs is billed on an annual basis, entitling the member representative to unlimited benefits of EFCOG, including company employee participation in all working groups, serving as a voting member on the Executive Council, and serving on the Board of Directors (Full Members Only).  Payments are due on October 1 of each fiscal year, and new member costs are prorated on a quarterly basis.

To apply for membership in EFCOG, a member information form must be filled out, saved, and submitted to the EFCOG Administrator.  Once the form is accepted and approved, the applying company will receive an invoice for their pro rata share of EFCOG support costs, prorated according to the number of quarters remaining in the year.