Procurement Engineering Community of Practice

Task Group Purpose: The EFCOG Procurement Engineering Task Team is comprised of industry experts in engineering and procurement. This groups primary focus is to identify opportunities for improvement with regards to the procurement engineering processes, such as commercial grade dedication (CGD), and develop best practices and lessons learned based on those identified opportunities.


  • Spencer Daw (Chair)
  • John Hendricks (Vice-Chair)
  • Jen Davlin (Secretary)

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Commercial Grade Dedication Forum

The DOE Office of Quality Assurance has added a Commercial Grade Dedication Forum on the Organizational Excellence Website. This new forum will enhance our ability to collaborate and share lessons learned across the complex. Please use this site to pose questions and feel free to provide responses including best practices and sample CGD products.

DOE Resources

Link to the DOE CGD Handbook

The following link includes instructions on accessing the CGD Forum:

The following link will lead you to the CGD Forum on the Organizational Excellence Website:

Engineered Procurement Resources

The following is and initial compilation of Best Practices (BP) and Lesson’s Learned (LL) to support the typical process flow for engineered procurements from design output document development through to item acceptance. The contents is designed to help sites effectively execute engineered procurements. Procurement Engineering, Engineering Practices, and Supply Chain QA will provide additional resources as developed/identified.

Supplier Qualification Strategies

The Master Supplier List provides efficiency in potential bidder identification and in pre-award vendor qualification efforts.

The Master Supplier List (MSL) (formerly known as Master Approved Supplier List (MASL) is a single database used by DOE contractors to share supplier qualification information.  Numerous EFCOG efforts have shared the benefits of this database including EFCOG Final Report, EM SINGLE APPROVED SUPPLIER LIST PROCESS TASK TEAM.  This report issued in 2017 recommended all DOE-EM sites start using this database.

There are two key uses of MSL to be more efficient in engineered procurements:

  • The list of qualified vendors can be searched to ensure suitably qualified vendors are included in solicitation processes
  • MSL supplier qualification information resources (e.g., pre-award audits by other sites) can be used to more efficiently qualify a vendor prior to use by other sites.

Instructions to sign up for MSL access are here.

Commercial Grade Dedication Best Practices

EFCOG Packaging & Transportation Subgroup

Procurement Engineering Task Group Library

TypeDrawer/FileDate ModifiedSize

EFCOG White Paper Re QA12-007 Flow Down 1:46 pm 05/18/2021212.2k

Engineered Procurement Charter 06-11-2020 12:34 pm 06/11/202069.2k

Guidance Doc NQA1 Subpart 2-14 Crosswalk to NQA1 Pt 1 and NAP 401-1 8:33 am 06/30/2021179.9k

Guidance Doc Select Applicable QA Require for DOT Packaging 11:07 am 06/30/2021694.3k

NRC Vs DOE Safety Class and Resultant NQA1 Accept Require 11:08 am 06/30/2021112k

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