Waste Management


The Waste Management Working Group (WMWG) is chartered to leverage the expertise and experience of contractors to DOE. The purpose of the WMWG is to seek out and promote the best management and operating practices, cost effective technologies and disposal options for all waste streams generated at DOE facilities whether destined for DOE or commercial facilities. The WMWG is focused on complex-wide integration and technology transfer while supporting cost effective and efficient waste options. This will be achieved in a way that enhances complex wide communication and maintains a priority on safety, environmental stewardship, and security. In addition to the overarching main nuclear waste management focus of the WMWG, the WMWG incorporates the efforts of three technical Subgroups:

  • Challenging Waste
  • Packaging & Transportation
  • Decontamination & Decommissioning (D&D)

As part of the recent restructuring within EFCOG, the inventory of lessons learned and best practices generated by the Decontamination & Decommissioning (D&D) and Facility Engineering Working Group will be maintained and made available to the users within the DOE complex. Future specific D&D and/or environmental remediation issues related to waste characterization, minimization, disposition, and recycling/reuse will be addressed under ad hoc task groups to be agreed to with DOE on a case by case basis.

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Renee Echols

Chair Firewater Associates, LLC Work 113 E. Harper Avenue Maryville TN 37804 United States Work Phone: (865) 977-1700

Tammy Monday

Vice Chair Studsvik, Inc. Work 5605 Glenridge Drive, Suite 670 Atlanta GA 30342 Cell Phone: (865) 599-9605

Jeff England

Secretary NAC InternationalDirector, Transportation and Packaging Solutions Work Phone: (770) 605-3250

EFCOG Sponsoring Directors

Moses N. Jaraysi

Photo of Moses N. Jaraysi
Director CH2M HILL Plateau Remediation CompanyVice President, Environmental Program & Rep Company: Strategic Planning Work P.O. Box 1600, MS H8-43 Richland WA 99352 United States

Moses Jaraysi is the current CH2M HILL Plateau Remediation Company Vice President for Environmental Program and Strategic Planning. Before joining the CHPRC he was the CH2M HILL Hanford Group Vice President for Environmental Programs overseeing compliant operations of the Tank Farms Complex and the Vadose Zone Remedial Program for the Hanford Tank Farms Closure Project. Mr. Jaraysi has about 30 years of experience in executive and general management tasks (20 of which working on DOE projects). His expertise includes management and technical experience in the fields of regulatory oversight and negotiations; environmental remediation and strategic planning; groundwater and soil remediation program development, Environmental Management System development and implementation, and heavy construction projects.

Mr. Jaraysi has a Bachelor of Science degree in Civil Engineering from Polytechnic of Central London (University of Westminster, London, UK).

William (Billy) A. Morrison

Photo of William (Billy) A. Morrison
Director Veolia Nuclear SolutionsPresident, Federal Services Work 1355 Columbia Park Trail Richland WA 99352 United States

Mr. Morrison is a graduate of the Georgia Institute of Technology with a BS in Electrical Engineering and has over thirty years of combined experience in executive management and managing operations, engineering, maintenance, safety, QA, and training and procedures programs. In December of 2011, Mr. Morrison was named President for EnergySolutions Government Group. In this role, Mr. Morrison was responsible for overall strategic direction and execution of all Government Services for EnergySolutions. In 2015/2016 Mr. Morrison helped secure the sale of the EnergySolutions Government Group to Atkins, an international nuclear business based in the UK. He served as Executive Vice President of Atkins Nuclear North American Group with overall strategic and operational responsibility for all Government and Commercial Services for North America. In September of 2016 Mr. Morrison accepted a position as President of Veolia Nuclear Solutions Federal Services. In this role Mr. Morrison has overall responsibility for strategic direction and execution of all Federal Services in North America.

He also currently serves as the chairman of the EFCOG Board of directors along with memberships on various other boards. Past management assignments include Manager of the SRS Site Utilities Department, responsibilities included the oversight of Operations, Maintenance, and Engineering for production and distribution facilities for steam, domestic water, electrical distribution, fire water, sanitary wastewater collection and treatment, process water, river water, service water, chilled water, and deionized water at the Savannah River Site.  During his career he has provided leadership for several key Site initiatives to improve safety posture, cost effectiveness, and human performance.  Previous positions include Plant Manager of the Solid Waste Management Facility (SWMF), with responsibilities for the safe and environmentally sound storage, treatment, and disposal of SRS TRU, Low-level, Hazardous, and Mixed Waste inventory.  He has also held positions as Maintenance and Engineering Manager for both the F-Area and H-Area Waste Handling Facilities, Operations Manager for both the F-Area Waste Handling Facility  and the SWMF, and Manager of Training and Procedures, QA, Radcon, and Safety Programs within the Operations Business Unit. Mr. Morrison also served as the Chief Engineer and Technology Manager for the Waste Management Area Project. In this capacity he lead the engineering and technical resources in support of Waste Management operations, projects and programs. Specifically, shift technical, process oversight, development and optimization, cognizant systems engineering, design authority, technical safety documentation, engineering studies, environmental regulatory and compliance issues and criticality analysis.

DOE Liaisons

Mark Senderling

DOE Liaison U.S. Department of Energy Work Phone: (301) 903-7514

Kurt Gerdes

DOE POC Director, U.S. Department of Energy Work 1000 Independence Avenue SW EM-12 Washington DC 20585

Dave Michlewicz

DOE POC Office of ScienceSC-31 Work 1000 Independence Ave. SW SC-31.2 Washington DC 20585 Work Phone: (301)903-8432

Robert W Seifert

DOE POC Director, Office of Environmental Compliance, U.S. Department of Energy Work 20400 Century Blvd EM-11 Germantown MD 20874 Work Phone: (301)903-9638

Julia Shenk

Linda C Suttora

DOE POC Senior Staff, Office of Regulatory Compliance & EM, U.S. Department of Energy Work 20400 Century Blvd EM-11 Germantown MD 20874 Work Phone: (301)903-8482 Work Fax: (301)903-4303

Andrew P Szilagyi

DOE POC Director, Office of D&D/Facility Engineering, Office of Environmental Management, U.S. Department of Energy Work 1000 Independence Avenue SW EM-31 Washington DC 20585 Work Phone: (301)903-4278 Work Fax: (301)903-4307 Cell Phone: (202)374-8916

Douglas W Tonkay

DOE POC U.S. Department of Energy Work 1000 Independence Avenue SW EM-31 Washington DC 20585 Work Phone: (301)903-7212 Cell Phone: (301)903-1431

DOE Field POCs

Ahmad Al-Daouk

DOE Field POC NNSANA-53 Work Albuquerque Complex – KAFB Pennsylvania & H Street Kirtland AFB NM 87116 Work Phone: (505)845-4607

Robert F Boehlecke

DOE Field POC Supervisory Physical Scientist, U.S. Department of Energy EM-30.1 Work 1581 Camarillo Drive North Las Vegas NV 89031 Work Phone: (702)295-2099

Joel Bradburne

DOE Field POC PPPO Work 2440 Stevens Place Richland WA 99354 Work Phone: (740) 897-3822

Ray Corey

DOE Field POC Senoir Advisor, Environment, Safety, & Health, NNSA, U.S. Department of Energy Work Phone: (202)586-8395 Work Fax: (202)586-9060

Benton J Harp

DOE Field POC U.S. Department of Energy Work 2440 Stevens Place Richland WA 99534 Work Phone: (509)376-1462 Work Fax: (509)3763-4645

Christopher Kemp

DOE Field POC Deputy Federal Project Director, U.S. Department of Energy Work PO Box 450 2440STVCN Richland WA 99352 Work Phone: (509)373-0649 Work Fax: (509)372-1350

Gary W Pyles

DOE Field POC Supervisory Contract Specialist, U.S. Department of Energy Work 2440 Stevens Place APM-123.1 Richland WA 99354 Work Phone: (505)845-5701

Terrell J Spears

DOE Field POC Deputy Manager, U.S. Department of Energy Work PO Box A Aiken SC 29802 Work Phone: (803)208-6072 Work Fax: (803)208-6441

Daniel W. Sullivan

DOE Field POC Work 10282 Rock Springs Road West Valley NY 14171 Work Phone: (716)942-4016

Andrew Worker

DOE NNSA NA-53 Work Albuquerque Complex – KAFB Pennsylvania & H Street Kirtland AFB NM 87116 Work Phone: 505-845-6881

Subgroups and Leadership

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